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Adult Leagues are for players 18 years of age and over
Double Leagues Consists of Men only, Women only or Mixed
Singles Leagues Consists of Men only or Women only
Partners on a double team should be the same skill level and can be any age as long as they are both over 18. 


Teams will be placed in a division with other teams at approximately the same skill levels. Teams will be asked to self rate for their first season. 
Use the following guidelines to determine your skill level Subsequent season ratings will be based on previous season stats.  For doubles use the rating for higher level partner. 


A pickleball match is considered best 3 out of 5 games played to 15 points by 2

Official pickleball games rules can be found on the USAPA website:


After receiving your schedule please make contact, by emailing or texting with your opponents.  All scores will be due by midnight the last day of the season in order to be counted.

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to make contact and try to schedule a match. Each match has a weekly deadline.


Each match should be completed by Sunday at 10pm.


Any match can be played as a "late match" past the original weekly deadline IF BOTH teams agree to do so. If BOTH teams agree to play a match late then the new deadline becomes the day before the last day of the season. If both teams do not agree to play late then the match would have to be played by the original deadline of Sunday by 10pm.


You may reschedule a match one time, as long as you give your opponents at least 24 hours notice. If you do not give your opponent 24 hours they may enter this match as a forfeit.


Inclement or extreme weather is defined by:

  • Rain causing wet slippery court conditions.
  • If the temperature is above 98 degrees or below 32 degrees (Fahrenheit) before the match is started, it is the option of the players to reschedule the match. We do not advise matches to be played in temperatures that can pose a health risk.

In the event of rain, the home team must contact their opponent. Both teams should not assume that the match is canceled due to weather at opponent’s courts.

If the match needs to be rescheduled due to weather, teams should reschedule before the end of the season. If both teams cannot agree to reschedule before the end of the season, then the match is left unscored.

If a match is delayed or interrupted by rain, wet courts or extreme weather conditions. Teams should reschedule the match. If the match had begun, players should resume the match at the exact game and point as they stood when halted.

If you have a match scheduled on the last "Deadline" date of the season and it is rained out it will go unscored.

If a match is rained out and can not be scheduled at later time, teams should report an incomplete match. 


We use an algorithm that tries to minimize driving times based on home court proximity.


It is recommended that the winner report the score for the match by emailing [email protected]  However, either player\team may report the scores.


A team CAN post a forfeit under the following situations:

  • when the opponent(s) is not available to play the match or does not respond to the opponent
  • a match is cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice.
  • 20 minute default time. After 20 minutes, the waiting team has the option of taking the win by forfeit.


A retired match is when a match cannot continue due to injury, illness, personal reasons or disagreement. The score would be reported as any games played up to the point of the team retiring.


A match is considered incomplete when play has been started but cannot be completed. The score would be reported as any games played up to the point of stopping.


The home team is responsible for reserving a court.  Matches can be played on any indoor or outdoor pickleball courts. If a designated pickleball court is not available a tennis court can be used and temporarily marked for pickleball. Home team would be responsible to mark the courts prior to designated match start time. Please see the USAPA guidelines for temporary court set up and DIY court setup

Teams also have the option of playing at their opponent’s courts (provided they are able to secure a court).


Each team is responsible for providing their own paddles. The home team is responsible for providing the balls needed to play.
Please use appropriate Balls for courts for either indoor or outdoor courts.
Recommended standard indoor balls include the Onix Fuse.
Recommended standard outdoor include the Franklin X, Onix Pure 2, Onix Fuse G2, or Dura Fast 40.


If a player is injured try to determine if the injury is temporary or the player can not complete the remainder of the season.

  • If the injury is temporary and the player will be able to complete the season please contact your opponents immediately to try and reschedule your remaining matches. Please note the opponent is not obligated to reschedule and may post a forfeit.
  • If the injury results in the team not being able to complete the season, please email [email protected]


Refunds will not be issued once the season had begun and schedules are posted


We use the stats from each match to determine the top 2 teams in each division that will play the end of season finals. 


Conflicts that occur during matches should be settled by the players on the court. Players are responsible for knowing the rules, enforcing them while on court and conducting themselves in a manner representative and adhering to the USAPA code of conduct regarding good sportsmanship We will not mediate matches or settle disputes between players regarding these types of conflicts.

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