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What is a Flexible Pickleball League?
A flex pickleball league is an online league where players register for a season and get a schedule with doubles teams (men/women/mixed) in their local area. A flex league allows for flexible scheduling of matches  At the start of each season teams are given a schedule with each match opponent’s contact information. 

How much does it cost?
Its free to register and create an account. Once an account is created it costs $20/player for doubles per season

How many games is each match?
A match is best 3 of 5 games with each game played to 15 points win by 2 points.

How far do I have to drive?
We use an algorithm that minimizes driving times by sorting teams into divisions based on their home court proximity.

What Levels are there?
Leagues skill levels are 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. You will be grouped into a division with local teams at your level to ensure the most competitive level of play. New teams will be asked to self rate for 1st season only. Subsequent season ratings will be based on previous seasons stats. See to self-rate.

Are there Age Restrictions?
Champion Pickleball is an Adult League for people 18 and over
Partners on a double team should be approximately the same skill level and can be any age as long as they are both over 18. 

How Do I Schedule Matches?
Teams contact their weekly opponents by email or text to schedule a match at a time that is convenient for both. You will have one week to play each match with the option of a makeup week. 

Who reports the Score?
Either team can report the score after the match has been played. Scores should be reported within 24 hours of the match being completed. 

What if I can't reserve a pickleball court?
If a designated pickleball court is not available a tennis court can be used and temporarily marked with taped lines for pickleball. Please see the USAPA guidelines for temporary court set up 
and DIY court setup .
Use to find a tennis court near you.

Do the matches have to be played in order?
Matches can be played in any order as long as both teams agree upon a date and each is played by the match deadline. All matches must be played by the match deadline date specified. 

Are you allowed to play on Indoor Courts?
As long as both teams agree matches can be played on indoor or outdoor courts

Will there be a Final?
We use the stats from each match to determine the top 2 teams in each division that will play the end of season finals. 

How many seasons are there?
There are 3 seasons Spring, Summer, & Fall.

Can I get a Refund?
Refunds will not be issued once the season has begun. If the season has not begun please contact [email protected]

Additional Questions?
For help contact [email protected]

For more details of flex league play rules, scoring, match scheduling Visit the League Rules section 


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